Alex Bailey Staines AMAC

Certified NLP Coaching Practitioner

Motivational Coaching For a Happier You




You have one life, and it's YOUR life...    so love living it!

Making changes are only stressful & overwhelming when you feel unsupported and vunerable.  With support you will realise that, not only are all things possible, but that change is the start of an exciting new journey...

Alex Bailey Staines is an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching.  Membership is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a committment to high levels of coaching standards and excellence within the coaching profession.

The Association for Coaching is the leading independent professional body for coaches and exists to promote best practice, and raise awareness and standards across the coaching industry.


Change begins by thinking,and then acting differently, and sometimes we need support to help make that happen.  


My specialisations include helping clients:

Understand, embrace and achieve change,

Develop resilience, confidence and build self-esteem,

Develop presentation /communication competences,

Manage the “push me, pull me” work/life balance,

Build more successful business and personal relationships,

Improve health and wellbeing,

Recognise and manage stress.

What do you want to change?

Improved Self Esteem

Work / Life Balance

Building Confidence

Better Time Management

Reducing Anxiety & Stress

Losing Fears & Phobias

Kicking Bad Habits

Better Parenting

Happier Relationships

Health & Wellbeing


It's Your Life - Why would you not make it the best it can be?

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Would you like to feel happier, more confident and more in control of your life?

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